A Polymer-Assisted Hydrothermal Approach to Titanium Dioxide Thin Films

Due to its numerous applications in a wide variety of fields, there has been intensive research on the growth of titanium dioxide (TiO2) [1-21]. Several techniques have been applied to grow thin films, such as sputtering [12,13], pulsed-laser deposition [14,15], molecular beam epitaxy [16,17], electron-beam evaporation [18], and chemical vapor deposition [19,20]. However, high vacuum and high temperature of these processes have limited the potential application of films. Polymer-assisted deposition [21-23], sol-gel, hydrothermal and other solution approaches [7,24,25] have become more attractive alternatives for thin film deposition because of their low cost, large area, and low temperature fabrication [22].

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Author: Hongmei Luo

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