Nano-Chemical Engineering and Nano-Processes in Manufacturing Multifunctional Nanocomposites

Nano-Chemical engineering and nano-processes essentially deal with the technology of large-scale chemical production and the manufacturing of products through chemical processes employing nanotechnology [1,2]. Nano-Chemical engineering and nano-processes play a key role in fabricating multifunctional nanocomposites which are defined as “two or more materials with different properties remain separate and distinct on a macroscopic level within one unity and with any dimension in any phase less than 100 nm”[3-5]. The produced nanocomposites are essential for technological progress and have demonstrated versatile applications ranging from environmental remediation, energy storage, electromagnetic (EM) absorption, sensing and actuation, transportation and safety, defense system, information industry, to novel catalysts, etc.

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Author: Zhanhu Guo

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